Wool and Wicker Donates Fabulous Prize - Set of AddiClick Basic Interchangeable Needles

Many thanks to Denis and Diane DeBray from Wool and Wicker in Richmond BC.  They have very generously donated a set of interchangeable AddiClick Basic needle set as a Pucks N’ Purls raffle prize.  

In recent years many knitters have turned to circular needles as their needle of choice.  Circular needles have a “needle tip” at each end held together by a flexible cord.  Circular needles are available in most needle sizes (e.g. 1.5 to 12.0 mm) and many lengths (e.g 8 to 60 inches).   Based on their needs, knitters often have several sets of circular needles in the same size but in different lengths.  

The AddiClick interchangeable needle set provides circular needle options in all the common sizes and lengths.  It is comprised 10 pairs of addi Turbo needle tips (size 3.5 to 10 mm), 3 flexible cords (24”, 32” and 40”), as well as a connector and gold pin.  The knitter connects the appropriate flexible cable to the desired needle tips to form an Addi Turbo circular needle.  With the 10 needle tip sets and 3 cables, you can create 30 different circular needle options and you can use the connector included to create even more circular needle lengths.

The needle set comes in a portable, suede lined, simulated leather case which makes an ideal traveling companion.  Who knows what weight of wonderful yarn will “need” to swatched or knit while you are away.  Interchangeable needle sets are a major investment for knitters.  What a fabulous gift.

For more information about Wool and Wicker’s amazing addi needle selection, click on the link below.