Three More Fabulous Books from XRX - The Knitting Universe

Three more books as Pucks N’ Purls prizes from XRX.  What a lovely collection.  For more information about the books and magazines that XRX publishes and the events they host check out their website at

“Entree to Entrelac: The Definitive Guide from a Biased Knitter” by Gwen Bortner is devoted to the entrelac (a French word meaning “interlaced”) technique which is used to describe a knitting technique in which a piece is worked “in small sections that are joined as they are worked.  This book is intended as a resource for Entralac as well as a source for many interesting patterns. 

In “Custom Knit Jackets” Jean Frost, with one master pattern, this” guides knitters through creating 12 jacket silhouettes in five standard sizes, with four different weights of yarn. Reminiscent of the designer details that have made the Chanel jacket a signature piece for more than 50 years, the details in this book add professional finish to collars, pockets, fabrics, and hand-stitched silk lining. The process to create a perfect-fit jacket requires only simple math and graph paper. Using real-body examples, Jean Frost shows how to adjust patterns for narrow shoulders, long arms, short or long waist, a large bust, and other common fitting problems.”

Magnificent Mittens" and Socks by Anna Zilboorg “includes the author’s toe-up, free-sole sock design. This title features step-by-step instructions for the basic mitten method and for 2-color knitting, 42 charted mittens, interchangeable cuff charts, 13 edge finishes for cuffs, 7 embellishments to add color and texture, and outline charts for design-your-own-mittens.”

Three Prizes - Three Classic Sally Melville Books

XRX Inc. “The Knitting Universe” has donated three classic Sally Melville books to the Pucks N’ Purls raffle.  Sally is beloved and revered by knitters around the globe, but never more so than in Southern Ontario where she started her career in knitting and has inspired hundreds if not thousands of knitters.  

The three Sally Melville book prizes are:  “The Knit Stitch”, “The Purl Stitch” and The Knitting Experience: Colour.  Each book will delight and inform the reader.  There will be three lucky prize winners, one for each book.

For more information about The Knitting Universe, the books and magazines they publish and the events they sponsor, click on their website below.