Terrific Knitting Basket from Creative Yarns

Creative Yarns, a local yarn store at 269 Ellesmere Rd in east Toronto (formerly Scarborough), has donated a fabulous Vivid Allon knitting basket by Janetbasket for the Pucks N’ Purls raffle.  This large sized basket (18”x10”x9.5” high) is in a purple with lime green polka dot pattern aka “Twighlight”.  There is enough capacity to hold several “works in progress”.  

The basket comes folded (see picture) and can be stored in a small space.  When opened the handles can be secured together for carrying ease, or the handles can be folded down flat with the top of the basket.   This is a great project basket, but it has many, many other uses.  It is very popular with Creative Yarns customers.

For more information about Creative Yarns and their wide range of yarns, accessories and knitted garments (for inspiration or for sale) check out the link below.